When it comes to your office or home’s roof there are a lot of solutions. Luckily, with Colonial Metal Roofing nearby, all of your options come at affordable rates but they still carry the same quality and durability. We want to provide everyone in Dania Beach area with the most exceptional roofing solutions. When it comes to roofing materials, metal roofing is the most common option. A lot of people choose to install metal roofing for their roof. People like metal roofing because of many reasons. They are a great substitution to Clay, Shingles, and PVC etc. In fact, metal roofing is very long lasting and also lasts longer than other materials. Here are few benefits of metal roofing-

It is fire resistant Snow and rain easily glide off the rooftop instead of collecting there and causing water damage As compared to other roofing options Metal Roofing is much easier to install Metal roofing materials weigh much less than its substitutes It absorbs the sunlight, keeping in heat and lowering the cost of energy You don’t need a high pitched roof to receive metal roofing solutions It lasts longer and is more durable

Metal Roofing is a wonderful option to have. Our professional roofers at Colonial Metal Roofing have installed a lot of metal roofs for both commercial and residential properties throughout Dania Beach, FL. Call us today at 954-343-3228 today and w will start gathering your information and asking you questions. Before coming up with a plan or design concept for your metal roofing replacement we will send our roofing experts to your property for an inspection. We know that you will be satisfied with our services and we are looking forward to provide you with free estimate before we start your metal roofing project in Dania Beach area. Give u a call anytime at  954-343-3228 for further details.



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