No doubt that Colonial Metal Roofing is the most widely used roofing system in FL. Shingles are flat rectangular pieces that are available in different types such as metal, plastic, slate and wood. Colonial Metal Roofing offers complete shingle roofing solutions. When it comes to attractive, durable and low-maintenance roofing systems in Dania Beach, FL our shingle roofing offers unmatched results. Shingles give your house an alluring and elegant appeal and are perfect for steep slopes. Here are few uses of shingles-

Easy to Install

Most home owners love to install shingles because they can be very easily cut, modified and fitted to the deck. As compared to other roof coverings the installation of shingle roofing is much time efficient.


The longevity of the shingles is the main cause of their cost effectiveness. When you install shingle roof then you can easily enjoy the complete benefits of shingle roofing from 30 to 50 years, according to the quality of the material.


Shingle roofing is inexpensive as compared to other roofing materials. Their low price doesn’t indicate that they are ineffective or bland. If maintained well they will work perfectly for about 30 to 50 years.

Offer a Quiet Roof

One of the amazing benefits of shingle roofing is sound dampening. Shingles offer the most quieting roofing option as compared to other roofing materials. It enhances the tranquility of your home and also blocks the nose from outside.

Environment Friendly

Shingles are hard and last longer. There is no need to replace them every year. They are weather and heat resistant and thus are good for environment. We offer best shingle roofing services throughout the Dania Beach area such as-

Shingle Installation

New Shingles Roofs

Shingle Roof Replacement

Commercial Shingle Roofing

Shingle Roof Repair

Asphalt Shingles

Residential Shingles Roofing

Colonial Metal Roofing provides best quality roofing installation, repair and maintenance services. If you want to hire the services of co-operative and highly trained roofers in Dania Beach, Fl call us at 954-343-3228 anytime and get a free roofing quote.

Why You Should Hire Us for Shingle Roofing

We are proud to say that our roofers deliver best quality service and maintain every commitment with expertise and professionalism. Starting from our first assessment to the last product, we guarantee that you will be satisfied and pleased with our honesty, integrity and professionalism.



    Colonial Metal Roofing has been providing its best roofing services in Dania Beach, FL from more than previous 15 years.